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Multimedia & Building

Throughout my life, I have always loved building and creating multimedia projects—from legos to movies, robotics to digital art. Sometimes I have a clear idea in my head and sometimes I let the medium and my imagination lead me. 

Our family designed and built a fence and then planted a garden during the pandemic. It took us almost a year, but now we have fresh fruits and veggies!

The Last Sunrise is a stop-motion animation I created for a Spring Break contest and won second place.

The Last Sunrise
Our Fence and Garden

During covid, we wrote KRON about teddy bear hunts and they featured me in their news program. I also texted my class so they could spread the word and participate in their neighborhoods (#teddybearhunt).

Teddy Bear Hunt

Tap Dance Board

Over quarantine, My mom got back into tap dancing. For Mothers-Day, my Dad and I decided to build her a tap board so she could dance and not mess up the floors. She asked me to make a video to share with her tap dancing class. 

This holiday season in science, our class was tasked to make a programming project related to the holidays. I hadn't used Scratch in a while, but I was up for the challenge. So, I made Maze Santa. Use W, A, S, D to move. 

Maze Santa

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